VAYA Tube Heater Set for Snooker Table

Counter variations in air humidity and temperature differences in the slate are detrimental to the speed and trueness of snooker balls for high-level players. By fixing heating elements to the bottom of the frame, this has the additional advantage of making the tables smoother and quieter. For the past twenty years, under table heating has been used as a method of getting the optimum performance from a snooker table.
Designed with safety in mind and built by VAYA Match Product, the Tube Heaters offer the ideal heating solution for snooker tables that require low cost and provide steady slate heat against air humidity in Malaysia. All tube heaters are supplied with mounting brackets for each length. At least 3 tube heaters are needed per snooker table, but we recommend you install 6 tubes or 9 tubes for better performance.
  • Set of 3 Tube Heaters
  • Used to avoid humidity and maintain temperature for snooker tables
  • Supplied with mounting brackets to be fitted to the underside of the slate
  • Give the slate a heated feel and keep the cloth dry and free from moisture
  • Minimum 3 tube heaters needed per table
  • Safe, energy-saved


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