Snooker Accessories – Rubber Billiard Pool Snooker Cue Stick Hanger Straighten Tool/台球杆专用吊杆器

The rubber cue hangers are stocked in black, blue, and red, and are 28g, 11cm long. They are a long hollow tube of heavy rubber with a slit cut down one side, which allows you to bend the rubber back and put the shaft inside it. Use the cue hanger to help straighten your warped cues. Just slip the molded rubber hanger over the top of your cue and hang. The weight of the cue will help take out some of the shaft’s warpage.

  • Help to straighten your warped cue
  • Nice for display
  • 11cm length x 28g per piece
  • Stock in blue, red and black 3 colors, random dispatch

规格:橡胶质地 优质国产吊杆器 长10厘米左右
悬挂:snooker cue
吊杆器:总长度11CM 不算吊环长度9CM


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