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Product details of Handy Bag for Barco Professional Cue Tips

  • 2 pieces of tips per box
  • hardness: Hard , Medium
  • diameter of 11mm
  • layered cue tip
  • made from high quality buffalo hides
  • requires little maintenance
  • hold chalk better
  • no mushrooming
  • superior ball control

Layered tips are a fairly new introduction to the world of snooker. Made from several layers of pig skin or buffalo hides glued together they offer several benefits over traditional tips. Layered tips are much more consistent than standard pressed leather tips and they will not mushroom that can lead to miscues. Layered tips will also last much longer than conventional tips (on average) and should provide a more consistent and solid hit plus allow the user to generate more spin.

Barco Professional Cue Tips are made with a varying number of separate layers of high quality, layered buffalo hides specially selected. Each hide is skived to a uniform thickness and undergoes strict quality control and hides too thin or below standard are rejected. We then laminate these layers one on top of the other, creating uniform and consistent quality and response tip after tip after tip.



Barco cue tips are made using only the finest imported leather and even then, use only the firmest portion of each hide which is specially treated. This blue cue tip is one of the best performing tips you can own.

Diameter:  11mm
Thickness:  6mm


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