510 CS Fusion Drip Tip (S)

Product details of 510 CS Fusion Drip Tip (S) – Scopion

This 510 CS Fusion Drip Tip (S) is an incredible combination of style, functionality, and affordability, with 2 distinct patterns to choose from. It features a 6.5mm bore coupled with a petite overall form factor of 11mm, a perfect combination of size and airflow. The exterior of each drip tip features a scopion design in ceramic, simultaneously offering style and heat resistance. The base is manufactured out of high quality Stainless Steel and features single o-ring fittings to ensure consistent and secure attachment. Perfect for completing a color themed set-up or adding a touch of style to any set-up, the 510 CS Fusion Drip Tip (S) is asserting itself as one of the hottest drip tips in today’s market.


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