Rechargeable Battery 3000mah 40a

Product details of Rechargeable Battery 3000mah 40a

Product Specifics
  • brand:  AWT
  • model:  18650
  • color:  RED
  • chemistry:  IMR
  • type:  Li-ion
  • nominal capacity:  3000mAh
  • nominal voltage:  3.7V
  • max discharge current:  40A
  • use:  e-cigs, flashlight, power tools
  • size: 18.20mm x 65.05mm
  • weight:  46g
  • recharge drained batteries immediately
  • do not short circuit
  • do not overcharge or overdischarge
  • do not dispose of in fire
  • do not expose to extreme heat or water
  • operating discharge temperature -10 to +60 Degree Celsius

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